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eXcubitors - ANOTHER DIMENSION - Album

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The guardians’ 5th album is here and takes you on a journey into another dimension, because right now, all anyone wants to do, is escape this crazy world. Whether it’s the Coronavirus, wars, terrorism, mass migration, social isolation or FOMO – nothing is as it once was. The media and politics are increasingly influencing our actions and our worldview. These are some of the topics that eXcubitors address in their new songs – their motto is: “We observe and recount. We listen, tell and understand.”

For two and a half years, mastermind sasH 4eck worked on the new album, painstakingly tinkered with the sound, and sung the lyrics together with his brother Stephan. The results are 10 gripping, diverse pieces of art in the epic and atmospheric cinematic synthpop style, created by eXcubitors.

With ANOTHER DIMENSION, eXcubitors finally managed their hard-earned breakthrough in the synthpop scene. The two guardians’ 5th album raises sound, performance and vocals to a new level – and into other dimensions of course. There is a general atmosphere of departure in the world, and eXcubitors have the perfect sound for you to accentuate it.


1. Intro (Patefias- claudaris)
2. Stranger
3. Resentment
4. Another Dimension
5. Am Boden
6. Command & Conquer (Re-Edit 2021)
7. The Blue Lights (Re-Edit 2021)
8. I Don´t Care
9. Second Chances
10. Zeit
11. Stranger (Rob Dust Remix)
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